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Neck Pain with Arm Numbness

Patients that have shoulder and arm numbness express that it can be very frustrating. Pain may also be accompanied with it as well. If you suffer from neck pain, shoulder tension & pain with arm numbness, there is hope for getting this turned around. Many times, this trio is found in workers sitting in front of a computer all day.

It appears that long days of sitting with the head slightly forward looking at a computer monitor creates tightropes out of the shoulder muscle region. Such chronic strain leads to hardening and scarring of these muscle groups much like wearing a tight shoe can create callouses.

It is the hardening and swelling of this tissue which can diminish the size of the canal where the arm nerves are trying to run. This creates nerve impingement and thus the downstream effects like arm numbness and pain.

As a Tulsa chiropractor, I’ve seen that chiropractic care including specific adjustments to the lower neck and upper back segments, along with deep tissue muscle release techniques will help this condition.

There is a very high success rate on improving the tension/pain/numbness trio. In some cases, other conditions may need to be ruled out as well.

If you suffer from this type of condition, call our Tulsa chiropractic office at (918) 481-9200 and we’ll help you set up a consultation for us to take at your unique condition.

Dr. Michael Lau, D.C.
Tulsa Chiropractor


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