Feeling Inflamed? Wheat and Cereal Grains may be Contributing

We are all aware of the food pyramid and it’s inclusion of grains as a strong source of calories. What many may not know is that such sources of food intake from grains may be one of the driving forces of inflammation in their body.

Some sources are suggesting that wheat and other grains may be slowly promoting inflammation by degrading one of the most important barriers in the body = the gut barrier.  (article source)

Injury to the gut barrier allows a higher than normal passing of large, undigested food particles to pass through the gut into a region that is scavenged by immune cells on guard for protection of the body against outside sources.  (see intestinal barrier photo here)


It seems, grains containing gluten can increase the permeability of this barrier exposing our immune systems to higher and higher levels of undigested / partially digested foods and other contaminates leading to higher levels of inflammation.

In a double blind study where half of participants eliminated gluten, there was a significant decrease in symptom scores. (article source)

It may be wise to consider cutting out gluten or other cereal grains if you are suffering from symptoms of inflammation.  There are some measures one can take to start the healing of the gut barrier that may lead to a more vibrant, less inflamed life.

– Dr. Michael Lau, D.C.
Natural Health & Chiropractic Center
Tulsa, OK


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