Leaky Gut and Pain Reduction

Acute pain can cause clients to reach for NSAID’s (or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen) for pain reduction.  I am not opposed for short trials of this for improving the quality of life in the acute pain episode.

Unfortunately, longer periods of NSAID use can lead to a breaking down of the integrity of the small intestinal lining, creating a condition called “leaky gut syndrome”.

The damage is done microscopically creating holes allowing a more porous intestinal lining, thus the term “leaky gut syndrome”.  This results in larger than normal food molecules (including partially digested proteins and micro-organisms) to enter through the small intestine into the blood.

The foreign substances that enter the blood stream stimulate an immune response which stimulates cells that produce an inflammatory response in the body. Inflammation can be experienced as pain, swelling, redness, or can go unnoticed until it becomes a chronic problem.

And you can see the cycle that may ensue….


Pain / Inflammation creates use of NSAID’s which can lead to Leaky Gut which then can lead to more pain and inflammation – and the cycle repeats.

To break the cycle, there are recommendations on attempting to lower the use of NSAID’s if possible through lightening the pain / inflammation through herbal anti-inflammatories and therapies.  If there is chronic pain involved that is not one of an auto-immune variety, then massage, trigger point therapy, physical therapy and joint mobilization/manipulation through chiropractic may be suggested to assist in breaking the cycle.

For healing for a leaky gut, recommendations may include a variety of probiotics, enzymes, nutrients found to be healing for gut cells and short term dietary restrictions.

– Dr. Michael Lau

Natural Health & Chiropractic Center

6130 S. Maplewood Ave., Suite D

Tulsa, OK  74136


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