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Consider a Chiropractor + Myofascial Release for Carpal Tunnel

tulsa chiropractor writes about conservative care for wrist painWhen looking at the treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome, some patients may opt for a trial of conservative care before surgery in mild to moderate cases.

A chiropractor that incorporates myofascial release techniques into the practice maybe a good fit for a trial. Here’s why:

The connective tissue that surrounds the muscles in the body can become restricted and tight in cases of repetitive strain. Much like wearing a tight shirt would cause restriction with movement – tension in the connective tissue in a body part would also cause compression and restriction.
Releasing the fascia allows your muscles to move freely again.

Additionally, adjusting the wrist/carpal bones may provide great benefit to help reduce the compression that may be hitting the median nerve – the nerve at play with carpal tunnel syndrome compression.

Sitting in front of a computer all day in addition to typing creates more opportunity for the muscles in the forearm to grow tense and tight – potentially contributing to the compression in this type of injury.

– Dr. Michael Lau

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