Shoulder Pains Associated with Computer Work

As a chiropractor in Tulsa, I see patients present with tight shoulder muscles on a daily basis.  This tension is compounded by a sedentary lifestyle sitting in front of a computer.  The head forward posture that is often employed during a hard day at work in front of the computer puts excess strain on the muscles in the back of the neck.

Normally, our heads should be directly above our shoulders.  Too often, while at work, our head will translate forward to look at the computer monitor.  This is a lot like holding a bowling ball out in front of you – it gets heavier to hold.  The result is extra strain on the muscles in the back of the neck – causing them to act like “guide-wires”.  Over time, these strained muscles will harden and become tense.

A chiropractor will often use plenty of muscle work during the adjustment session to begin to reduce/reverse the muscle adhesions and splinting.  A chiropractic adjustment will also improve tissue flexibility in the area and ensure that the spinal mechanics are not being restricted by the tight muscles.

This type of pain scenario can also be associated with injuries where the muscles are splinting like auto accident injuries, whiplash and sports injuries.

Those with tight shoulder muscles should also be on the look-out for symptoms of arm tingling, etc. that can be linked to an entrapment of nerve tissue in the shoulder and neck area due to excessive neck/shoulder muscle tension.

Dr. Michael Lau

Natural Health & Chiropractic Center

6130 S Maplewood Ste D

Tulsa, OK  74133

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