Organic Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Recently I was inspired by others who have studied square foot gardening to give it a try myself.  We didn’t seem to have much success with gardening while I was growing up – partially because our work duties on the farm rarely made it to the garden area as we focused on the large field crops.

Usually, about half way through the summer when the weeds had overtaken the garden, my dad would hook up the shredder to his tractor and drive over the garden a few times to completely mow it down.  No more weeds, no more garden.  Good idea, but not enough time delegated to it.

Frankly, it wasn’t my favorite thing – pulling weeds.  There were so many.  I know that sounds lazy, but trust me, there were tons of them.

The beautiful thing about square foot gardening is that you plant the garden in an elevated planter.  This reduces weeds, insects, animals, etc. from being as big of a problem.  Additionally, if you do it right, you can easily access the garden right in front of you without the excessive bending that is not as easy to do and hard on the back – I am a chiropractor – we think of these things.

One of the things that attracted me to this style of gardening besides being easier to reach, less bugs, less problems is the very organized layout.  It lends towards maximized efficiency.  Each square foot garden is marked off with either twine (as in mine pictured above) or with wooden slats.  There is a book that can be purchased that has great recommendations on types of vegies to plant and how many per square.

We’ll see how this summer goes.  My daughters have all wanted to pitch in and manage their own ‘squares’.  I am hoping that they will see the fruit of their labors and learn something from it as well.  You can take the boy out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy.  I’ll try to keep things posted here occasionally.

– Dr. Michael Lau

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2 responses to “Organic Square Foot Gardening

  • Jules

    I was surfing sq ft gardening pictures just now before heading to bed.. I too have been captivated by sq ft gardening and have actually been reading about it throughout the fall/winter and have been gathering all the soil components to begin my own including requesting 2 cedar 4×4 boxes for my birthday lol. I’ve been gardening for the past 4 years and havent had much luck with anything out here in the desert except for pumpkins, cantelope, melons, grapes, kale and lettuces, so my dear husband hasnt had much faith in my new passion, deeming it a money pit and accrediting it to bad weather, not a lack of knowledge (since all my house plants are lucious and thriving). I accredit my past failures to extreme heat, compacted soil and a family of desert squirrels (hoping to eliminate that problem with our dog this year :)) I feel that we’re on the same gardening level and look forward to seeing and comparing our progress throughout the season. I’d love to recomend a book thats greatly helped with what little sucess I’ve had, its called The Vegetable Gardeners Bible. I’ve tried row gardening, in ground, container and the ever so famous topsy turvys (Last years expensive venture) and I really think sq ft gardening is the way to go. I have nerve and muscle damage in my back an stomache including mild back arthritis at 28, and carpel tunnel in both hands so Im limited on what I can do for excessive periods of time (which is why I will never revert to inground gardeining again) not to mention im 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2. If you have a spare moment look up Donnas sq ft garden on youtube, its really brought me some insight and since our temperatures are similar, her being from texas, im extremely hopefull that Ive found my solution to organic gardening. I wish you every luck in your garden and im bookmarking you to see your progress as the months pass, HAPPY GARDENING! And I hope your children enjoy they’re experiance, I know my little one has! Best of luck – Jules

    • drlau

      Jules, thanks for sharing! Great tips – I’ll check out the youtube vids. I’ll get some updates going here soon. The garden is doing pretty well. I need to thin out the carrots, beets, beans and basil – I wasn’t sure how well they’d come up and overplanted – I need to thin them to allow for better growth. Keep me updated on your progress as well. – Dr. Lau

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