Adding ‘Bounce’ to Your Joints

Much is asked of our joints.  Support, flexibility, protection.

As we age, we tend to lose that ‘bounce’ that is inherently there.  We may feel it as joint stiffness upon waking or dull, achy pains throughout the day.  There may be a feeling that we need to twist or stretch the back.  All are signs that perhaps our joints are starting to lose their ‘bounce’.

There are some things we can do to protect and add more life to our joints.

Adding motion to joints helps to ‘undo’ the aging process of a joint.  Adding healthy motion to stiff joints will reduce the accumulation of scar tissue.  Further, motion helps drive in needed nutrients to the cartilage or discs between the spinal segments.

Restoring motion to joints is a lot like adding WD40 to rusty chain links.

The chiropractic care in our office focuses on detecting the areas of the spine that may be out of alignment and ‘fixated’.  A short prescription of care is given to start adding the ‘bounce’ back into the joints again through a variety of techniques.

The results can be dramatic in a short amount of time.

– Dr. Michael Lau, D.C.

(918) 481-9200

Natural Health & Chiropractic Center
6130 S Maplewood Ave # D
Tulsa OK 74136
United States



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