Tylenol Restrictions and Pain Management

There is talk about the potential restrictions or dose lowering of Tylenol and other pain medications in the market the associated press reports.

One thing to keep in mind about the use of such over the counter medications is that not only do they come with some potentially serious side effects, they block an enzyme that is necessary for cartilage remodeling. Studies show they block both the formation and elongation of chondroitin sulfate polymers; thus reducing cartilage and causing more joint degeneration.

Essentially, what this means is that pain med’s can lead to a breakdown of the joint and potentially increasing the likelihood of pain from such damage.

A potential feed forward cycle could be created as a patient takes the med for pain, yet, the resulting effect is further joint pain and destruction after such use leading to taking more meds, etc.

In order for a joint to retain healthy cartilage, the joint must first of all have the nutrients that are necessary for cartilage repair (glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate) as well as compression and decompression forces to drive fluid in and out of the joint.

Chiropractors help to restore proper joint mobility which is not only pain-relieving, but it is healthy for the joints!

– Dr. Michael Lau

(918) 481-9200

Natural Health & Chiropractic Center
6130 S Maplewood Ave # D
Tulsa OK 74136
United States


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