Tulsa Spinal Decompression Therapy

Patients often ask what is spinal decompression.  They have heard a commercial on the radio or have seen an ad in the paper.

My answer is that Spinal Decompression is highly effective for disc herniations or conditions where there is excessive pressure on the nerves of the spine that are causing either hand or leg/foot pain.  The pain can be quite severe in nature. The therapy works by placing a harness around the waist and another on the upper torso while laying on a relaxing and sturdy table.  A force is applied to the harness around the waist allowing for an axial pull or distraction. This distraction creates an opportunity for disc herniations to self-correct.  Repeated pulls or distractions are held for a variety of seconds each treatment to “exercise” the spinal segments and allow as much healing to occur in the disc and the affected joints.

I have seen amazing results with Spinal Decompression Therapy.  With that said, I typically take an approach toward decompression of a short trial of chiropractic care with intensive muscular work first to see if the pressure on the nerve may be coming from an entrapment due to loss of normal joint mobility and muscular tension.  For instance, a strong case of piriformis syndrome (the piriformis muscle is a muscle in the buttocks area that can get tight and create pressure and referral patterns down the back of the leg) can be a source of leg pain as well.

There are cases when patients bring in their MRI’s with evidence of large herniations that are occurring in their spine.  In such cases, there is also high levels of discomfort and we immediately get to work.

I usually follow each decompression session with muscle stim.  I like to recommend certain nutritional items to feed the body’s soft tissues to allow for maximum healing potential.

Click here to see our Decompression Page on our website.

If you would like to know if you are a candidate for Decompression Therapy, call our office at (918) 481-9200 and we will find a time to talk.

– Dr. Michael Lau



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