Headaches & Eye Pain Referral

A common complaint that I see among our patient base is the dreaded tension headache and sometimes its referral to pain behind an eye. Patients say it feels “sharp” or “stabbing” eye pain to go along with the dull headache. While tylenol and other NSAIDS seem to take the edge off, long term use of such over the counter medications do have side effects and do not address the source of the pain.

A common treatment that has helped many of our patients with headaches is deep tissue trigger point work on the suboccipital muscles (base of the skull) and along each side of the spine in the neck region. Trigger points are areas where the muscle fibers have been under stress and have essentially “glued” together. Applying pressure and stretching to these muscle fibers helps to bring healing and stop the pain. The combination of this muscle technique with gentle chiropractic adjustments has helped reduce the frequency and intensity of their headaches.

Staying well hydrated during the course of treatment is also important as well as watching ergonomics while working on the computer. Home stretches and techniques are also taught to help speed the recovery process.

Dr. Michael Lau

(918) 481-9200


Natural Health & Chiropractic Center
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Tulsa OK 74136
United States



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