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Burn More Fat, Have More Energy Lecture

It was a fun turn-out tonight as we talked on some of the basics for weight management in our evening seminar of “Burn More Fat, Have More Energy”.  In that, we talked on the blood sugar/insulin pathway and the importance of weight loss.  We touched on metabolism and the importance of small frequent meals versus large “reward yourself” meals at night.  The meal integration powder supplement was sampled and enjoyed by all.  Questions were fielded on a variety of topics including hormones and their relation to weight loss and energy.  The recommendation of avoiding white foods such as white flour, sugar, potatoes, etc. was not well received by some of our American diet enjoyers in a joking way.  As usual, attendees were encouraged to do little things each day on a consistent basis.  We’ll have another lecture next Tuesday night on Wellness Living.

–  Dr. Michael Lau

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